The team at the designer’s service

Our partner is a design workshop operating in the stone industry. Our team provides designers with continuous support and all the technical competency and creativity, to fully express the spirit of the project and meet the functional requirements, whilst creating different atmospheres.


1. Preliminary project analysis

Every creation is the result of a preliminary project analysis carried out with the designer; during this stage, both the intrinsic characteristics of the material and the features of the installation space, are taken into consideration.

2. Survey

Qualified personnel will perform an accurate survey directly on-site. We guarantee measured building surveys anywhere in the world.

3. Modelling

From survey to modelling: our always-updated software converts the acquired measurements into plans, perspectives, and 3D renderings.

4. Engineering

We provide detailed designs with clear and accurate tables and realistic renderings. The drawings are made with great precision to serve as a reference during the mounting stage.

We give great importance to the project, as demonstrated, by the many collaborations we have formed over time with international architects and designers. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we can process different types of fine stone and marble

We can analyze the chemical compatibility of the stones to be used with the water quality.

To help our partner architects win commissions, in instances where we are recommended to clients as the preferred pool contractor, we offer two free services:

Survey & Initial Design: We provide up to one full day of a preparatory study, as part of the architect’s tender process.

Budget Estimates: We will provide formal budget estimates, to help improve the accuracy/efficiency of the architects’ submissions to clients, prior to proceeding to tender.