Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System. We use an integrated pool water treatment system in which all of the components work together to provide a system in which the performance is far greater than the sum of the parts.

We have chosen Dryden Aqua because, as a marine biological company working in the pool industry, they have a unique knowledge of both water chemistry and biology.

The result is very clean water, so less chlorine is required to keep the water safe. The less chlorine used, the lower the concentration of chlorine disinfection by-products.

Salt Chlorination.

The chlorination reaction is a simple idrolysis or electrolysis of salt water pool with a slight common salt concentration of 0,5-4-6 grams per liter, almost imperceptible from wetting compared with sea water reaches 35 grams of salt per liter.

The process generates a large number of powerful disinfectants: Hypochlorite: by electrolysis of sodium chloride.

Oxygen: is a product of hydrolysis of water which contributes to the process of destruction of the secondary bodies.

Ozone and hydroxyl radical are produced in the reactions that occur at the cathode and the anode. Both are powerful disinfectants.


This salt chlorination system has many advantages in terms of use, such as maintenance of the pool:

• 100% savings in sodium hypochlorite or other chemicals derived from chlorine.
• 80% savings in maintenance. You just need to clean the electrodes to ensure proper operation.
• Increased safety by avoiding the handling of chemicals derived from chlorine. Salt is a natural antiseptic gentle on swimsuits colorfast, will not damage hair, no skin irritation or itching eyes.
• Total disappearance of the traditional smell of chlorine.

Remote Control System.

Our experience matured in many years of hard work has allowed us to design an remote control system.

We have the possibility to control, on the internet, the most critical processes in water treatment system, such as the filter wash program and the chemical dosing plant.

Thermal Insulation

In foam glass relies on 100% recycled products and therefore involves no exploitation. The MISAPOR system: perfect insulation, load relief and perfect drainage through backfilling of swimming pool walls.

In swimming pools, steel tubs, tanks and other containers which must be protected against cooling or frost, foam glass is used as premium class insulation and solves the drainage from the structure. An additional advantage is its quick and easy installation, so that the summer is not over before your swimming season begins.

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